Mobile Massage Therapy



All it took was receiving one massage for me to know that I wanted to become a massage therapist myself so that more people can understand the kind of peace and relief it can bring. We are all guilty of getting caught up in everyday life, living in stress, slowly breaking ourselves down overtime. I am here to help and remind you that proper self care will keep you feeling younger for longer. Do yourself a favor and let me take care of you.

Mobile Services Offered


Swedish Massage

A swedish massage consists of a full body treatment that relies on long efflourage strokes improving blood flow and relaxing the muscles.

60 Minute – $155

90 Minute – $215

120 Minute – $275

Therapeutic Massage/Deep Tissue

A therapeutic massage is any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem.

60 Minute – $175

90 Minute – $235

120 Minute – $295

Couples Massage

A swedish massage for two. <3

60 Minute – $290

90 Minute – $410

120 Minute – $530


Hot Stones – $20

Stones heated to 155 degrees used to relax the entire body.

Face Treatment – $25

A series of skin healthy skin products followed by hot towels and moisturizer to leave you glowing!

Foot Treatment – $25

A sugar scrub followed by heated towels and then moisturizer to leave your feet feeling brand new!

Couples Massage to Therapeutic Couples Massage – $20 Extra each

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